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Online Design Plan

My client was ready to give up on finding the perfect paint color! She knew she loved grey when she saw it in pictures but after testing more than 10 samples, she didn't think she would ever find her true match.  To make matters more difficult, she had furniture she didn't love, flooring and cabinets that turned out to be darker than she wanted and while she knew what she wanted in terms of style, she didn't know how to incorporate it.

Through my online design plan, we worked to understand her style, how she wanted to feel in the home, how she wanted to space to function and what she really needed for the home to meet her family's needs. 

I started with the largest pieces first. She wanted leather since it is easy to clean (a must when you have small kids), comfortable furniture since this is their primary relaxation space and more storage.  I suggested a white sectional to brighten the space that gave the room an elegant look but was perfect for lazy tv days too! The sectional wouldn't take up as much floor space as a couch and love seat combo like she had which is key in an open floorplan like this one. 

Since she had a lot of dark wood with the cabinets and flooring, I used grey for the bookcases and entertainment unit.  A dark wood finish in these would have made the space feel smaller and as if the wall was coming in on you.  The light grey really made the space feel airy and the bookcases with the closed storage on the bottom will make tidying up toys easy and neat.

For the coffee table, I suggested an oval or round shape to make walking around it easy and still function for each seat of the sectional to reach. 

A less expensive way of changing your dining set is to keep the table but swap out the chairs.  I just changed the two captain chairs to a wicker chair to give the space the coastal beachy feel the client loves and to lighten the dark wood furniture.  

My client loved the turquoise color family so I used the accent table and artwork in the dining room as inspiration to bring that color throughout the space by adding a rug, accent chair and ottoman in the living space, bar stools in the kitchen and placing accent pieces throughout.  Choosing a color and placing it throughout an open floorplan really helps to make the space feel cohesive.

Lastly (and I always save this as the last step in any design) is the paint color.  Your paint color should be the backdrop that highlights everything else in the space so should be picked last if possible to pull everything together.

I think my client did a fantastic job on incorporating the design plan and I hope she and her family love the space for years to come <3
your work has provided solutions for past clients.

Family Time

Online Design Plan

My client wanted to finally feel like their basement was finished and a functioning, fashionable part of the house. They were looking to have a family area, toy area, game area and bar but not sure how to make the layout work and tie the design together with the rest of the house. 

This design plan created a family friendly space that was ready for game night or a movie premiere. With personal touches like using the home owners guitar collection as art work, I created a space that functioned and felt like home for this happy family. 


Online Design Plan

My client was looking to update her master bedroom.  She had to keep some of the furniture but was feeling that the room was lacking an overall color scheme and organized layout and she really wanted to change that red!  

First I gave her 5 areas that needed work:

  1. The curtains make the window look small since they are dark and similar size to the window

  2. The fireplace is hidden behind the tall dresser beside it

  3. There’s no real focal point in the room because the double dresser is competing with the bed

  4. The wall color and the wood furniture are similar in tone and don’t offer enough contrast.

  5. The fan is very noticeable because of the wood blades

Then 5 quick fixes that would bring this room to life

  1. To make the window appear larger, use drapery in a similar color to the walls to lessen the contrast.

  2. Remove the mirror from the double dresser and place the dresser under the T.V.

  3. Switch the placement of the double dresser and the tall dresser

  4. Paint the blades of the fan white so they blend in with the ceiling

  5. Paint the walls a soft grey to cool all the wood furniture and tie in the accents of grey

The grey upholstered headboard my client had recently purchased was my starting off point for the new design. As with any project, the first step is to have my client complete my personal design quiz which tells me their design style and points me in the right direction to meet my clients' taste.  

This client's top two design styles were formal elegance and rustic which allowed me to blend her current wood furniture with some sophisticated sparkle! 

An inspiration board provides a visual of the new master suite with product recommendations that are all available for online purchase

The color palette is from Benjamin Moore Affinity collection and was pulled from the moose artwork that adds to the rustic charm of the room and is definitely a Newfoundland focal point!

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