Easy Peasy Envelop Pillow Covers

I do not consider myself an avid DIY-er. If anything I'm an "It'll do" DIY-er but I found these tutorials for making pillow covers that are quick, simple and look great! Pillow covers are a handy alternative because they allow you to switch out your decor from season to season, are cheaper than buying new pillows all the time and don't take up as much storage room! The best part is you can use just about any material to make them: throw blankets, pillow cases, scarves, even canvas drop cloths from you local hardware store!

I've included two tutorials: One has simple sewing involved but does require a sewing machine and the other is a NO-SEW!!! (Uses iron-on fabric tape). **I haven't used the iron-on fabric tape for thick throws because I don't think it would hold up so if you're making the pillow covers out of thick material like throws, I'd go for the sewing option to be on the safe side :)

OPTION 1: Simple Sewing


Measure the pillow form you’ll be using. (Mine was 17″ x 17″) Add 1″ for a seam allowance. (18″ x 18″)


Cut a piece of fabric to that measurement. (18″ x 18″) This will be the front of your pillow.


Cut another piece of fabric the same width as your front, but add 4″ to the height. (18″ x 22″) Now cut it in half widthwise. (Each piece is now 18″ x 11″) These are the back pieces of your pillow.


Make a fold on one long edge of each back piece towards the back of the fabric, press with an iron, then stitch the hem.


Lay your front piece of fabric face up. Then place both back pieces on top, facing down, with the hemmed edges overlapping in the center. Pin the fabric pieces together along the edges and sew all four sides of the pillow cover.


Open up the back pieces and turn the pillow cover right side out.

Add a pillow :)

OPTION 2: No-Sew

Step 1: Measure your piece of fabric so that it is the exact width of your pillow insert, and double + 12" the length of the pillow. Use pins to mark the measurements, and cut. Step 2: On the short sides of your fabric, fold over each edge and press with the iron to keep in place. Step 3: Making sure the printed side of your fabric is face up, pverla the ends by folding them over each other. Once folded, your fabric should be the exact width of your pillow. Step 4: Measure and cut the fabric tape to fit your seam, and carefully place it inside the seam. Apply heat according to the directions on the package. Repeat on the other side. Step 5: Secure both sides of the pillow flap with tape and apply heat. Step 6: Turn the pillowcase right-side out, stuff your pillow through the flap and enjoy!

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