The Power of Color : brighten up any room with a few simple tips

Color is beautiful. It's what makes the sunny days bright and cherry, nature walks feel fresh and comforting and rooms exciting and invigorating. Choosing color in your home however can be intimidating and daunting with so many options and the fear of regret. You know that feeling...toiling over paint chips trying to decide between 30 shades of blue, finally settle on one, pay $70 for a gallon of paint, takes hours to painstakingly tape, cut-in and paint your walls, only to stand back and...hate it. Well, never fear! If you are unsure of what color to choose, you can hire a professional to help or try these few simple tips to add a pop of color to any room without any hesitation.

1. Keep the larger items neutral and add colorful accents.

You've probably heard this before and that's because it's a tried and true design tip. If you want to experiment with color and are unsure if you're going to change your mind down the road, the easiest way forward is to keep the walls and larger furniture (think sofas, dining tables etc) neutral and add accent chairs, tables, stools and rugs in accent colors. These pieces can give your space a color palette without you ever holding a paint brush!

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2. Add an Accent Wall

Some people love them and some hate them but everyone can agree for a quick pop of color, an accent wall is the easiest way to do it. You can usually complete a wall with only a quart of paint instead of a full gallon making it cheaper than painting the entire room.

3. Add a Beautiful Wallpaper

Paint isn't the only way to add an accent wall! We are seeing so many beautiful wallpapers out now and the peel and stick ones have come a long way since Grandma's mac-tac. Try a faux brick, the ever popular ship lap or a graphic pattern to instantly boost the character in a room!

4. Consider the 5th wall- the ceiling

When it comes to color, the sky is the limit - or the ceiling :) Whether it's a sky blue or a moody grey painting your ceiling will bring your room into 2020 in a statement way.

Whichever of these ways you choose, your home decor should be a fun way to experiment with color and bring out your personality! Choose your favorite color and run with it! Which color are you going to try first?

Have any color questions? Post a comment below or check out my color consultations under the Services menu :)

Color your life beautiful,

Megan xo

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